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Building Inspections

An independent pre-purchase property inspection is designed to identify building defects or faults that need to be considered prior to purchasing a residential property. The inspection should not only identify signs of possible structural problems and safety hazards, but also cosmetic items that may simply be a maintenance item

Pest Inspections

When inspecting a dwelling for termite or borer damage or activity we look for old damage, current termite activity,repairs to the dwelling ( or lack of ) due to pest activity, evidence of past treatments and we advise you on ways to reduce the risk of an attack and how to quickly spot an attack on your home.

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One of the most common problems and one that can be expensive to repair is leaking showers. Over the years we have seen hundreds and hundreds of leaking showers. Sone that the owners did know about and others that they did not. There are signs that a shower may be leaking and signs that the owner is attempting to hide the leak, would you know what to look for?

Unsafe, unhygienic, incomplete plumbing works

Not easily see is the water laying on the ground, this was from an owner builder bathroom renovation – the water was from the bath, shower and hand basin – healthy!

Typical leaking shower / cracked floor tiles cause

When particle board is used under tiled wet area floors, the water proof membrane can fail resulting in structural damage which requires the sheet flooring material to be replaced. the loose stacked brick pier is not an acceptable building method.

Structural settlement

The crack seen here is more than a minor problem, to repair this crack the cheapest option would be to demolish the wall and to re-build.

How many problems can you see?

This brick pier is not supporting the floor at all, best you know now and not when you go looking for the cause of bouncy floors