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Lithgow Building Inspections

Lithgow Building Inspections

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Servicing Central West areas an APPI Lithgow building inspection allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a property. We can provide you with a detailed report within 24-36 hours and are happy to discuss our findings with you. So that you can fully understand any possible problems or implications with the property you are looking to purchase. Whilst we are licensed builders, we do not supply a quote for repairs so your property building inspection report is unbiased and accurate.

We provide quick independent pest and building inspections to Lithgow and the central west areas of NSW. Pest inspection looks to identify termite or borer damage and signs of old damage to the dwelling ( or lack of ) due to pest activity evidence of past treatments and we advise you on ways to reduce the risk of an attack and how to quickly spot an attack on your home. Some of the things we check for whilst carrying out the building inspection are:


  • Unsafe, Unhygienic, incomplete plumbing works
  • Leaking showers, cracked floor tiles
  • structural damage
  • Cracks in bricks, brick pier supports
  • Safety hazards
  • Building defects or faults
  • Cosmetic items that need maintenance
  • Termite or borer damage
  • Activity or evidence of termites/borers.


If you are based in Lithgow, Orange, Bathurst or surrounding areas please give us a call on (02) 6334 2255 and we can supply a building inspection quote on your pre purchase property.

Pre-Purchase Reports for Home Buyers

Would you buy a second-hand car without getting an experienced and qualified person to inspect it? The majority of people would not, but when it comes to purchasing a home, surprisingly many people will undertake the greatest financial transaction in their lifetime without getting an independent pre-purchase inspection and written report.

What will a pre-purchase property inspection do?

An independent pre-purchase property inspection is designed to identify building defects or faults that need to be considered prior to purchasing a residential property. The inspection should not only identify signs of possible structural problems and safety hazards, but also cosmetic items that may simply be a maintenance item. The results of the pre-purchase inspection should be provided to the owner in a written report.