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For over eighteen years we have completed over 11300 Pest & Building Inspections in the Central West of NSW.
As the principal of the business, I hold a NSW Full Builders licence and when they were required I held a Building Consultancy license, why is this important? Because unlike some in the industry I did not buy an existing business and I could at this time build again, can other consultants do the same.
Further, if we identify faults that you want the vendor to repair, we offer to re-inspect those repairs to ensure they are completed in a professional manner, in the same way we do not offer any building or pest control services, why? Because we want you to have complete faith that our report is an accurate assessment of the condition of the building and is not a vehicle to charge you for repairs that may or may not be required. Can you spot the fault in this photo? Does it need to be repaired/ if so how should it be done. Cost is something that we don’t comment on, you need to get written quotes for any repairs, someone at work or in the pub is not going to give you a true indication of the cost.

In New South Wales, from Sept’2009, it has not been necessary to be licensed to carry out building consultancy work. Anyone who is quoting a license number is lying to you and is in fact liable to be fined by the NSW Office of Fair Trading.

So, what should you do? You should deal with a company or individual that at least holds a NSW Full Builders license. Anyone can call themselves a building consultant, at least use a builder to check your home.
Like all reputable building consultants, we hold an NSW Full Builders license, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.
We have had it said to us on countless times that our client was glad they had a through, complete and timely inspection as we identified defects that they had missed. Why is this? Often because when purchasing your new home, you are emotionally invested in the home. You want it to be perfect so you are looking for how you will make it yours, not whether you should be making it yours.

Pre-Purchase Reports for Home Buyers

Would you buy a second-hand car without getting an experienced and qualified person to inspect it? The majority of people would not, but when it comes to purchasing a home, surprisingly many people will undertake the greatest financial transaction in their lifetime without getting an independent pre-purchase inspection and written report.

What will a pre-purchase property inspection do?

An independent pre-purchase property inspection is designed to identify building defects or faults that need to be considered prior to purchasing a residential property. The inspection should not only identify signs of possible structural problems and safety hazards, but also cosmetic items that may simply be a maintenance item. The results of the pre-purchase inspection should be provided to the owner in a written report.